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The EquiTeee is the batting tee designed and created by professionals with one thing in mind, the "truth in hitting" ... That a quick and direct swing produces consistent hard contact and line drives that carry. Practice with the EquiTeee helps change a long, uppercut swing to the Major League swing that allows a hitter to: 

  • Hit the ball hard to all fields. “Hit it where it’s pitched”.
  • Hammer the “fat” pitches up in the strike zone. “Get on top of the ball”.
  • Handle a real good fastball. “Quick to the ball.”
  • Hit the ball on the ground when needed. “Hit and run, move the runner to 3rd, infield’s back”.

EquiTeee is made from solid rubber with special reinforcements, designed to withstand the daily workouts of a professional hitter. The EquiTeee adjusts from 22 - 37", making it easy to use for all players from T-ball to Major Leaguers. 

EquiTeee’s well thought out design forces a hitter to focus on each and every swing, and results come quickly.


The EquiTeee is not just a batting tee...It is a tool. A poor swing can be practiced on a regular outdated tee over and over without any feedback and a bad swing remains a bad swing. TheEquiTeee forces you to work on a good swing, making progress in every workout.

Order your EquiTeee today and you will see line drives soon!



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